Set Up Jasmine and Karma for AngularJS

Globally install karma-cli on your computer:

$ sudo npm install -g karma-cli

Add karma and karma-jasmine to your project’s dependencies.

$ npm install karma jasmine karma-jasmine --save-dev

Create your Karma configuration file:

$ karma init

When running init, you can mostly go with the suggested settings (by repeatedly hitting enter). After the init script has completed, you should manually append your project files to the files array in karma.conf.js, like so:

files: [

The above configuration assumes that your application depends on the Angular core and that your main application logic resides in js/app.js, and that your Jasmine unit tests are kept in the tests/ directory. The angular-mocks.js file provides some convenient mock services that will make unit testing on Angular easier.

To test things out, create an example test file called example.js in the tests/ directory with the following contents:

describe('example test', function() {
  it('should be true', function() {

When you’re done, save the file, and run Karma:

$ karma start